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Atlanta's Leader
in Hospitality

A premium focused company founded with a passion to bridge the gap between elite bartenders with years of experience and the public, Rellies Hospitality has been providing a customized experience since 2014 to Atlanta (and metro Atlanta), as well as other major cities throughout the nation, including Miami and Detroit. Our goal is to ensure the best experience possible by staffing currently working bartenders, crafters, mixologists, waitstaff, hosts, and management in the area. 

With 300+ bartenders and servers who have extensive knowledge of the industry, we specialize in high volume service, public and private events, and weddings; as well as corporate affairs, festivals, restaurant consulting, and other major events.   



Sara W.,
Production Manager
GoodFoot Team

"Rellies Hospitality has definitely helped when time crunches become real. Terrill had very skilled and polite staff show up at an event when we had a last minute change. He's someone that's able to think on their feet, who's professional and has a great crew. Some of the many reasons we love working with him.

Courtney M.,

"It's refreshing to be with a company you can trust to guarantee great opportunities and compensation you deserve. Rellies has helped position me in front of my ideal client. Not just bar clientele, but my personal business clientele. Rellies is the best link for companies seeking bartenders and bartenders seeking unique opportunites.

Haley W.,
Marketing & Events Coordinator
YANMAR America Corporation

"Thank you for all your hard work and for helping to make our event a success! I heard nothing but good things, so y'all did an awesome job! We will definitely keep y'all in mind for future events! I also gave the catering company your information so they can refer you as well!

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